built to Passive House standards

built on your chosen land plot

equipped with advanced technology

manufactured in Latvia

Live in a house built according to *2020 construction standards!

High thermal efficiency GUARANTEED!

Increased energy efficiency

SINERGO houses are built according to the Passive House construction standards. These are houses with very high energy efficiency, in which a comfortable indoor climate can be maintained without active heating or cooling systems. Heat consumption of a Sinergo house is only 15 kWh/m² per year, which is 5 times less than a house built according to the applicable Latvian construction regulations.

Well-being and comfort

Exceptional thermal insulation and excellent building density protects the house from the risk of accumulation of moisture, mould and condensation. Pleasant and fresh air inside the house is provided by an automatic ventilation system which keeps the air pleasantly warm, fresh and clean from dust.


savings on heating costs compared to conventional houses

Heat consumption comparison

  • Passive house – (≤15kWh/m2/a) 5%
  • Very well insulated building – (40-60kWh/m2/a) 30%
  • Average insulated building – (60-100kWh/m2/a) 50%
  • Non-insulated building – (150-300kWh/m2/a) 100%

No risk of freezing

A passive house will never freeze in winter even if you turn off the electricity for several weeks. The indoor temperature will not drop below 10° C even in the coldest winter months.

Smart home technology

SINERGO houses can be equipped with the latest home automation technology, integrated security systems, CCTV, CO2 and climate control, remote control of electrical equipment with consumption measuring, as well as house UPS power backup system, automated lighting control and even garden watering system.

Green and ecological construction

SINERGO houses are designed to use as much natural material as possible in the construction process. The house is built from high-quality wood and is heat-insulated with natural cellulose and wood fibre boards.

Individual design

The house is built especially for you, so you are welcome to take part in the interior design. Choose the colours, decoration materials and the style and your house will obtain a unique look in harmony with your taste and preferences.

By living in a passive house you will save up to €2,000 per year! **

what is Passive house?
* European Parliament Directive 2010/31/EU requires that by 31 December 2020 all new buildings in member states of the European Union must comply with the passive house standard for energy efficiency.

** Savings on heating costs per year, compared to an average/poorly insulated house.