Design and construction of passive houses

The principal activity of SINERGO is the design and manufacture of Zero energy houses.

Our houses stand out by being built according to the Passive House construction principles, which means the highest construction quality, minimal heating, fresh air indoors, precision of building elements to a millimetre, modern and individual design, as well as environmentally friendly materials and technologies.

Professional team

CPHD_Designer_ENSince the design and construction of passive houses is technically specific, it requires special knowledge and the highest accuracy; therefore, our team is composed of only the most knowledgeable PassivHaus certified professionals with experience in the design of passive houses. They are professionals who are familiar with and use the latest technologies and industry trends, which means maximally economical and eco-friendly house design and construction.

The construction process

95% of the building constructions are prepared into elements and panels in our factory and delivered to the site by delivery trucks.

In just 5 working days we can install fully insulated house frame with windows and doors and prove the air-tightness of the building by performing the Blower Door test!

Our average Blower Door test result is n50 = 0.25 h-1, which is 2x better than Passive House requirement!

Day 1 – assembly of insulated floor, wall and roof panels.
Day 3 – all construction elements fixed, building envelope properly sealed for maximum air tightness.
Day 2 – garage/terrace installation, windows and doors are installed.
Day 4 – internal walls installed. House is ready for facade and interior works!

We can deliver and install semi-finished Zero energy houses to Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Become our export partner

We’re working to establish local groups of architects and construction companies in order to best develop the SINERGO Zero energy house concept while respecting each area’s unique construction standards.

We offer to our export partner:

  • to deliver and assemble insulated house frame on site in just 5 working days;
  • to guarantee successful Blower door test result;
  • to provide with the knowledge and know-how about the Passive house requirements and Zero energy concept;
  • to provide with the designs, energy calculations and all necessary drawings for each project;
  • to provide with the marketing materials and project visualizations;
  • assistance on digital marketing.

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